Irish Traditional Music Session Tunes Book 2 by Anthony Sullivan, serial no. HM4006

Battering Ram

Bill Collins'(Hearty Boys of Ballymoate)

Brian Boru's March


Carolan's Draught

Charlie Harris'

Charlie Lennon's



Craig's Pipes (The Manchester Reel)

Denny Mescall's

Dinny Delaney (Old Nag in the Kiln)

Exile's jig

Fanny Power

First Slip


Geese in the Bog

Ger the Rigger

Glen Cottage

Hag at the Churn

Hayden Fancy

Home Ruler (McCollum's) (Sean Ryan's)

Humours of Scarriff

Jackson's Bottle of Brandy (Pay the Reckoning)

Johnnie I Do Miss You!

Johnnie Macclejohn

Langstern Pony (Langstrom's Pony)

Leitrim jig

Lilting Banshee (Ballinasloe Fair)

Limerick's Lamentation

Long Note

Longford Collector

Lord Inchiquin

Maggie in the Wood

Maid Behind the Bar

Monaghan Twig

O'Neill's March

Oh Those Britches Full of Stitches!

Paddy's Return (What Would You Do If The Kettle Boiled Over?)

Pinch of Snuff

Saint Anne's

Sailor's Bonnet

Scattery Island Slide

Ships in Full Sail

Sixpenny Money

Sligo Maid


Sweets of May (Follow Me up to Carlow)

Tarbolton (Tarbolton Lodge)

Terry Teehan's (Murphy's)

Tom Sullivan's

Tralee Gaol

Whinny Hills of Leitrim

Wild Irishman


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