Cheshire Life


1.     Driving up the old "M6”, to Junction Seventeen, you'll

     Come to Cheshire's rolling land of hills and fields so green



Life in Cheshire, Cheshire Life

Hear all about it, Cheshire Life.


2.     Chester is the county town, with Roman ruins old,

   Birkenhead and The Mersey, a fine sight to behold.


3.     The, salt mines of Northwich, the railways of Crewe,

From the top of Beeston Castle, there is lovely view.


4.     Delicious new potatoes, and grinning Cheshire cats,

   Tomatoes are from Poynton, tasty cheese and that's...


5.     There's, lots of money here about - I wish that I had some,

   In Hale and Sale and Mobberley, and down in Congleton.


6.     There're building houses everywhere, rampant urban sprawl,

   Traffic it is "choc-a-block", it's right down to a crawl.


7.     There's aAAAa telescope in Jodrell, for listening to the stars,

   In the town of Macclesfield are sixty pubs and bars.


By Tony Sullivan


As Featured in CHESHIRE LIFE magazine January, 2004, edited by Patrick O’Neill