Just for the Fun of It


Tony Sullivan (Sully): vocals, banjo, guitar, bouzouki, tin whistle, mouth organ, tambourine.

Clare Allen guitar and vocals


Halshaw Music serial no. HM605


  1.        The Pubs of Ireland

  2.        Sully's Session

  3.        Cushendall

  4.        Sully in Sligo

  5.        Cheshire Life

  6.        The Lancashire Hills

  7.        Sully's Gigs

  8.        All over Ireland (song)

  9.        Paddy in The Smoke

10.        Friday Night

11.        Sully's Banjo Ballyhoo

12.        The Pubs of England

13.        All over Ireland reel

14.        The Paddy's Day Song


CD in C-shell case


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