CD - Melodic Clawhammer Banjo Style Ken Perlman UK Tour 1987

BOOK - The 5-string, or “G” Banjo Melodic Clawhammer Style by Ken Perlman

American mountain banjo – melodic clawhammer style.

CD: a live recording from this outstanding American artist, who is a pioneer of

the intricate "melodic clawhammer" style. His unique solos are notated in the TAB book.

Book no HM4011 and CD HM310. 
Recorded in Manchester by Tony Sullivan, guitar backing on some tracks by Tony Sullivan.

1. Road to Mexico (formerly called “Tequila Mockingbird”) by Ken Perlman

2. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down

3. Nancy (T.Clough)

4. Coloured Aristocracy

5. Avalon Quickstep/Julie Ann Johnson

6. Rock the Cradle Joe

7. Shanendoah Falls

8. Reuben's Train

9. Sullivan's Breakdown (K.Perlman)

10. Sandy River Belle

11. Speed the Plough/Prince William

Book cover

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