THE PADDY'S DAY SONG, by Tony Sullivan


1.                                                                Saint,

Patrick’s Day on March seven-teen, The

Party can begin, So,

gather round with all your friends, and,

bring the welcome in


Paddy’s Day ,hoo ray hoo ray

Paddy’s Day, hoo-ray hoo-ray


With a,

diddle on the fiddle, and the,

bow-rawn’s booming bang, a,

toot upon the flute, also the

banjo’s happy twang



Whiskey in the Jar and Wild

Rover’s chorus strong

Danny Boy and Soldier’s Joy, a,

late night sing-along


To the,

Emerald Isle the land of green, a,

lively toast we’ll drink,  with the,

Holy Ground and cheers all round, we’ll,

make the glasses clink


by Tony (Sully) Sullivan

The Paddy's Day Song - sheet music 

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