STOMPIN' GROUND Album and tutor: TAB, music, words

Only for those who want to play outrageous pyrotechnics on the tenor banjo. (shown in red)

 One of Sully’s gig albums, this also has songs with 5-string banjo and bouzouki. But its tenor solos dazzle.:

 CELTIC CAPERS – the amazing syncopated version of Miss McLeod’s reel.

The essential DUELLING BANJOS (you will ALWAYS be asked to play it)

The fantastic CROOKED COLONEL FRASER (goes all the way up the neck)

The riotous boogie of ROCK 'N' ROLL BANJO

CEILI HOUSE RAGan Irish reel with syncopation and pyrotechnics up to the top of the neck                                                                    

THE ALBION SHUFFLEextravagant ragtime strumming and picking

RATHAWAUN JIG – traditional Irish

BANJO-MANDOLIN BREAKDOWN – two dynamic polkas on tenor banjo

 Others songs:

SPANISH LADY (5-string, Irish song); THE RAMBLING SOLDIER (bouzouki, English folk); RUGBY PARADE(5-, Edwardian piece)

BALLAD OF GEORGE FORMBY, THE; MERRILY KISS THE QUAKER(5-string, jig) with Mick Moriarty on flute; WESTERN COUNTRY(5-string, Hillbilly)

GALBALLY FARMER(bouzouki, Irish song); CHEROKEE SHUFFLE(5-string, Hillbilly)

And, as a big extra:

a comprehensive scheme of chord construction and progressions for jazz banjo (tenor, plectrum and 5-string) – as not found in any other book.


Inside front cover - Music symbols

Chord Progression System for Tenor Banjo

Chord Progression System for 'G' Banjo

Fretboard diagrams: Tenor Banjo standard

C,G,D,A tuning, and 'Irish' G,D,A,E tuning. 

Fretboard diagram for 'G' Banjo

Category: Traditional, with ragtime and bluegrass styles and influences.





Book HM4016 CD HM314

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